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Star Rider Low Seat Conversion - Pleated Black Alligator Print (85-07 All)


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Same comfortable seat, different style. This conversion has the same cut as the original black with the added beauty of pleated black alligator print down the center of all 3 sections.


NOTE: Seats are sold on an EXCHANGE basis. We will either modify your actual seat or exchange it if we have one in stock. We MUST have your seat before we can ship your exchange. No exceptions.


EXCHANGE PROCESS: Once you have purchased the seat conversion, ship your seat to us at the address below. Please include an invoice or some type of information with your name or order number to identify it. Once we receive it, we will either ship your exchange the same day or have your seat converted. (You may choose to have your own seat done even if we have exchanges available) If we do your actual seat, TAT is normally 3-5 business days, sometimes less. If you feel comfortable removing the bracket that connects the front and center section, it will save you on shipping. If you do not feel comfortable, please leave the bracket on. We have taken apart hundreds.

Ship to:

Star Rider Performance

5271 Wooster Rd W

Norton, OH.  44203-6262

United States




Return Policy: We do not accept any kind of returns on this item because of the nature of the conversion.