ECU Re-Flash Service - Stock Performance - Version 2 (09-20 All)

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Stock High Performance- Version 2

OEM Upgrade Re-Flash

High Performance ECU RE-Flash for the second generation Yamaha VMX17 V-Max. 

This is the new and improved version of the custom tuned high performance binary files that are written into your ECU. The Stock - Version 2 was developed for those wanting to maximize the performance on their stock bike while keeping all the OEM equipment intact.


Some of the Features:

  • Rev Limit increased
  • Speed limit removed
  • Throttle By Wire restrictions and "Launch Bog" removed
  • Excessive timing retard eliminated
  • Individual Cylinder's Alpha N and Speed Density Fuel Table re-tuned
  • YCC-T Opening rate adjusted for better cruise response and maximum throttle angle adjusted for peak Horsepower
  • Slight throttle openings are more tame and the response is slightly more mild and manageable
  • Off-throttle engine braking in the first 3 gears has been reduced
  • EXUP servo fully open (EXUP & fail codes are still active)
  • Air Induction System valve remains active for catalyst
  • US and Euro versions now available


The Typical Process: Your ECU will be re-flashed and returned to you. This requires the removal of your ECU from your bike and shipping it to our facility to be Re-Flashed.



For use in sanctioned closed course events only.