Electronic Fuel Injection Kit (85-07 All)

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Yamaha Vmax Gen 1 complete fuel injection kit.

Ready to bolt on 40mm throttle bodies with pre-made plug and play wire-harness. Includes a fuel pump assembly that is installed in tank, with instructions and template for alignment. All sensors are used in this setup for maximum tuning capability there is also a fast-idle solenoid for engine warmup. Pulse modulated fuel pump reduces electrical demand and can also be set up as a return-less system. You will have to relocate the stock tool box for the fuse and relay panel.


Fuel management is with a MicroSquirt ECU see http://www.useasydocs.com/index.html for more information. Pre-setup with initial tune for aftermarket exhaust, can be easily changed and tuned see www.tunerstudio.com software and manuals and install guides included on a USB drive. Serial to USB cable and Wireless Bluetooth dongle included that can be used with Shadow Dash app available for android or apple. Data logs can then be used for real time tuning. Average miles per gallon with current tune in 40.



•             Dual baro sensors for altitude compensation

•             Dual fuel map tables for different fuels (switch selectable)

•             Coolant, MAP with baro correcting and IAT sensors

•             Wideband O2 sensor for precise fuel scheduling

•             Pulse modulated fuel pump (with pressure regulator backup) or returnless

•             Fuel damper

•             Tip-over fuel pump switch for safety

•             Dry Nitrous ready

•             Pre-assembled wire harness

•             40mm throttle opening with venturi down to 38mm that can be used with stock intakes

•             Use stock airbox or custom ram-air kit can also be turbo or supercharged

•             Fast idle for warmup

•             Bench synchronized for easy initial setup

•             In tank fuel pump with hoses and filter (also includes a fuel level sender that can be used with a gauge)

•             Software tunable, with Bluetooth data logging